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As a dog owner, one of your main responsibilities is to make sure your dog is properly fed. You can’t just always feed them leftovers every time and expect them to be healthy. You really need to get dog food which contains proper amounts of protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, and omega-3s. Your vet can help you determine the amounts of each ingredient. Also, you have several different types of dog food to choose from, and they all have their own sets of pros and cons. 

Dog Food Type Comparison.


You have the most number of options with this type of dog food, and that’s a good thing. Usually, dry dog food is ready to eat without any need for preparation, and they provide a complete diet with all the nutrients your pet dog needs. These dog foods travel well, and they can last for a very long time.

On the other hand, the ingredients aren’t exactly fresh. They may also contain fillers, preservatives, and processed ingredients that aren’t very good for dogs. 


This too comes ready to eat and it tends to provide a complete diet with all the needed nutrients. Since the food is wet, it has high moisture content and dogs usually find them much easier to digest. 

It’s not quite as convenient as the dry option, however. It’s perishable, so you don’t want to wait too long or else it will spoil. 


Again this option can provide a complete set of needed ingredients and nutrients. It doesn’t have as much processed ingredients as dry food, and the nutrients are in a purer form. It even lasts longer than homemade or raw dog food. 

You will need to prepare it first as it’s not ready to eat, though that should only take 3 minutes or so. The preparation will also require water, so in some circumstances it doesn’t really travel all that well. 

Frozen Raw

This is the type of food that resembles the frozen meat we buy for ourselves. It’s a great option because all your ingredients are fresh, and your pooches get their ingredients in their purest form. You don’t have fillers to worry about. 

You do need to keep it frozen to make sure it doesn’t spoil on you. That makes this dog food option rather inconvenient when you’re travelling with your pet dog. Also, you must be very sure to prepare and cook the raw dog food properly or else you risk exposing your pet to food-borne pathogens that can get them sick. 


With this option, as the dog owner you have complete control as to which ingredients to include. You do know for sure that each and every ingredient will be fresh and of premium quality. 

You do need to do some research on what dogs can eat. The proper ratio of ingredients may also be very difficult to find (and it may even require blood testing). Preparing the food can also take a long while. 

So which type of dog food is the best? It probably depends on the circumstances, but you can start with healthy dog treats!

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