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What goes into the stomach of your dog can affect their health. This is why more and more animal experts and dog owners are pushing for pet parents to become more conscientious about what people feed their pets. Choosing the right dog food can help keep him or her in excellent shape, so learning about their nutritional needs is essential for you, as a pet owner.

If this sounds like too much work, don’t worry. When it comes to dog food, being able to tell which are good and bad ingredients for dogs can already work wonders. If you can choose the right dog food for your pet, they can have lower risks of contracting serious diseases like cancer and diabetes. 

So what are the best dog food ingredients to look for? Here are a few: 

Real Meat

Meat is the most important part of your dog’s diet. These creatures are carnivores so their bodies will naturally need meat. A good dog food will have meat listed first as this means that it makes up most of the product.

The quality of the meat is also highly essential. You can’t just feed your pooch meat from roadkill or condemned ones. They shouldn’t eat what is considered as unsafe for humans as it will be unsafe for them as well.

The best types of meat are the ones that are familiar to you. Go for beef, pork, chicken, lamb, duck, fish, or turkey. Be wary of “meat by-products” as this often refers to salvaged meats and innards that are not deemed fit to be consumed by humans. 

Raw meats are also excellent options for your pooch. If this is too expensive or too much work for you, opting for dry food can also be done. Just make sure to look for meats with the word “meal” after it in its ingredients list.

Whole Grains

While dogs don’t really need carbohydrates in their diet, their food still needs something to bind it together. Whole grains are the best options as they still offer some nutrients and fiber.

Select Fruits and Vegetables

Like grains, dogs don’t need fruits and veggies all that much. However, they can be good alternatives to grains. They also offer vitamins and fiber which can help keep your pup in top shape.

Select Oils and Fats

Good oils and fats are essential to your pup’s diet because they help in nutrient absorption, boost their immune system, and keep their skin and coat soft and shiny. A good dog food should have olive and canola oil, chicken fat, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to help balance your fur baby’s diet. Seafood items are also a good source of these ingredients.

Natural Preservatives

If you’re feeding your pooch dry food, look for natural preservatives to help ensure that your pet will only get good ingredients in their system. Experts recommend that you look for ascorbic acid for their dose of Vitamin C and tocopherols for their share of Vitamin E.

These are just a few of the good ingredients that you should look for in a healthy dog food. There are lots more of these things that can help you create a balanced diet for your pooch. If you’re worried about running out of options, there are tons of good dog food products out there.

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