The Real Truth About Dog Food

 In About Bad Dog Food

One of the many conveniences pet parents enjoy is the fact that they can just get a huge bag of dog food for their pooch and they’re already set for the next few days or even weeks. Dog food is practically a no-brainer staple for your pet. But you need to know the truth about how some mainstream dog food brands can be bad for your pet.

Yes, not all dog food are suitable for consumption. If you’ll take the time to learn more about commercial dog food, you’ll learn that a lot of brands that you can find in the market today are being sued because of how they negatively affect the health of dogs. 

The truth is, most commercial dog foods are heavily processed. Think of them as similar to frozen meals, canned meat, or fast food. What makes things worse is that some manufacturers intentionally add bad ingredients like condemned meat, roadkill, and even veggies that are contaminated with pesticide.

In short, what goes in your pet’s food are the last things you’d want any of your loved ones to ingest. The cheaper they are, the worse their ingredients. So, if you consider your pet as family, why would you let them eat such garbage?

Product recalls are also very common in pet food and are often due to contamination. This is very alarming as it can indicate poor quality control, supply chain, and ingredient choice. These things should raise questions about the ability of the manufacturer to produce quality products as these problems are not caused by a small mistake.

Another problem with most commercial dog foods is their use of unhealthy ingredients. While they’re not necessarily harmful to your pet in small doses, they can still have a long term negative impact on their bodies. They’re typically fatty or with ingredients that are not easily digested by your pooch.

With the simple fact that most pet parents feed their pets the same food every day means they get to consume fat-rich foods in large amounts. This can cause obesity that can lead to more serious health problems later on. If their bodies can’t process the ingredients properly, they might end up suffering from frequent upset stomach, which can affect their quality of life.

Your Pet’s Healthy Diet

This is why lots of experts today try to make pet parents understand the importance of learning what’s in your pup’s food. Canine nutrition experts say that it’s better for parents to opt for dog food that comes with familiar ingredients. 

If you know what’s the ingredients are, you can better assess whether it’s good for your dog. It’s also highly likely that you eat the same things as well. And if it’s fit for human consumption, then there are good chances that your dog can eat it as well. 

Learning more about what a dog should and shouldn’t eat is another thing a responsible pet parent should do. So if you have the time, please try to do this. Your dog will thank you for it.

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